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Been there, done that.
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1997 GSX - DD, RR, and 11's.

Before I get started I want to give the back story behind this purchase.

Some of you may know I had a white 1995 GSX, LSE 6 bolt, Shep stage 4, PTE 35R, Turbonetics t3/t4 cast manifold, Magnus intake, skyline GTR FMIC, DSMLINK V2.5, 6pt cage, Sparco seats, sparco wheel, sparco 6pt harnesses, full body kit, and 18x8 konnig toxxins that ran 11.7@120mph on 25psi and 93oct. Just to list some of the major mods.

I sold that car basically to pay for an engagement ring for my wife back in 2007. And to this day I regret selling it... Before you all get started I regret selling the car, not getting engaged.

That car represented 9 yrs of my life, hard work, great friendships, and good times. However I never felt I fully got to see the full potential of that car for one reason or another, things just never worked out to get everything running together properly.

So on to present day. Since getting married, we have 3 kids now and after each child, my time spent riding my motorcycle became less and less. Primarily for safety reasons as I work nights and live in an area where, tree farming/lumber is huge industry. So needless to say between the deer, racoons, bears, coyotes, and all the other little animals that come out at night around here, I had finally had 2 back to back close calls on my bike a little more then a year ago, and decided this just isn't something a father of three should be doing anymore.
And since my BMW X5 only gets 15mpg and was becoming unreliable, I was looking for a replacement for the bike, something I could work on, and doesnt cost $185/hr to have someone work on if need be like my bmw's.
I wanted a car that had most of the major mods done to it already, as well as built with quality parts, and hopefully built by a well known shop.
After 7 months of surfing the web and lost all hope of finding a white eclipse, I came across a 1997 Eclipse GSX in West Palm Beach, FL that was 2 miles from my old Condo.
After several weeks of texting, pictures. I finally got some time off work, booked my flight and off I went.
As for my Long term plans for the car, basically now become my full time DD as my X5 blew it's second motor after 29,000 miles, but once that changes and I have the freedom of not worrying if it breaks. I plan to turn this car into a Road Race, street car.

I live 16 miles from Carolina Motorsports Park, my brother is a racing instructor and its one of the few things we do together and we always talked about building a dsm at some point for when he comes to visit.
1997 GSX - new ride
1997 GSX - dedicated track car
2004 R6 - sold
1992 GSX - sold
1996 GST - sold
1995 GSX - sold
Best 1/4 - 11.7 on 93oct
Best 1/4 MPH - 120mph

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