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Re: Andre's 2g GSX build

I really like the tubed front upper radiator support. Does it bolt to at the ends? Also the paint looks really nice!
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Re: Andre's 2g GSX build

Thanks for the nice comments again. No bolts on the front clip, I know it's common that people do this but in all honesty I just feel safer with it being welded all together and I was able to make it stronger that way in my opinion. It would really help with engine removal if I would have.

Today I removed the doors and all the remaining interior bits. Hopefully tomorrow I can start with the main hoop.
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Re: Andre's 2g GSX build

Beautiful work!
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Re: Andre's 2g GSX build

Pretty much spent all my spare time on project safety this winter. Only third cage I have welded together and my only one that was not a pre bent. Chromoly .083 1 3/4" all the way through out, all tig welded on my miller synchro. Thanks again to mark for ligning me up with Jim from the nhra.

I did a lot of trial and error with cheap mild steel. Took a lot of time but I have zero education in bending tube and learned a ton I would say. Jim had some nice things to say and I would say he was impressed. Hope u guys like it!

Work is way crazy right now and this is unfortunately not gonna get finished super fast. Planning on pg2 with any kind of luck or at least a Wednesday night this year. Kinda wanted to do big track stuff in the Mazda at pg2 though so we will just have to see how it goes.

And the best part!

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Re: Andre's 2g GSX build

That's a lot of work, good stuff.
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Been there, done that.
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Re: Andre's 2g GSX build

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Re: Andre's 2g GSX build

It has been awhile since I have updated or had anything really to update but here we go. Another crazy summer with work and no time but I ended up playing some hookie from work here the last 3 weeks or so do get the car back together. Lots more work then I anticipated but that's how it works. Things that have changed on the car here are that I went with a new adaptronic modular evo8 ecu in the car. Just was not getting what I wanted out of link anymore and it was time to upgrade. I finally gave up on trying to still use the Evo 9 seats here and went with a kirkey and made my own floor mount to give myself as much room as possible cause I am 6'3". Added a simpson 5 point harness. Decided the aem wideband wasn't the right platform for this and went with the innovate mtx l+. Then I also added auxilary switches for pumps, fans, ign, etc, and push button start. Dropped the street tire thing and went with some racemasters to still use my Evo wheels. Obviously would be better to have a 15" wheel but I like my brake kit still and need 17s for it.

3 days before pg2 I brought the car down And on to the dyno at map with the guys from TurboSource and that's when I finally realized I didn't completely fix my clutch issues at the end of the last season I drove it. Was having a drag issue and replaced all worn parts in the twin disc and obviously was not the problem to my surprise. After a couple phone calls and dyno day filled with clutch/dyno/dirty pre filter issues I was exhausted. Had to end the day going home 4 hours away with a very unshiftable car. Pulled the trans and unbelievabley a bunch of the little Phillips screws on the clutch face plate were loose. Might be a harmonics issue but according to ptt it happens and I have never check them so who knows how long that was going on since I bought used. Worst case if the problem persists I guess these fluidampers are not as good as a tunable ati so maybe down the road.

The car put 550 down at 6k on 22lbs and dyno broke and needed to be reset. We got to around 28lbs, 9k and 750. Nothing crazy with timing yet or anything. Going back down hopefully in 2 weeks to try get 45lbs/9.5k like it was on link and before all the headaches. The ecu is awesome so far and am really happy with it. Neat option for 2g guys that want a plug and play. Gonna have a pretty cool pad setup in the car to avoid all the aftermarket gauges to safely monitor the car.

The day after I got home the trans was out and parts were on the way already. Problem was an easy fix but ended up just using a new face plate and pressure plate to be shure. Got it back together and perfect. On to the fuel issue. with e98. My xrp pre filters for the Bosch were embarrassing. The negatives like unburnt fuel and terrible start ups hopefully will be gone with the new fuel. Ended up contacting jay at ignite fuel and purchased some red e90 blend they have and he claims it's the cats ass. Also gonna lower the pumps to
Below the tank to help keep the pumps working less. Adding ign n1a setup and electronic boost control also before I come back down to map. Not cause I really need either but will be nice with the ecu.

On to proving grounds, TurboSource had the car in their adaptronic booth. I didn't have time at all to race it and I knew that I wasn't going to cause I did autox and hpdi in the fd. My fd behaved so poorly, I had a wiring issue in my fuel pump setup and pretty much got to do about half of each event and I was being pretty nice to the car. Started to act up and pulled the plug finally around 11 on Saturday and decided it wasn't worth hurting the motor. Going to end up switching to a more modern ecu setup in that car and do more race car setup because that was a really good time and hope to do a lot more . Going to do the triple track event hopellt. Should be a fun winter wrapping up some projects and hopefully lots of racing and licensing next year!!

Here are some pics

All and all had a great time and it got me really motivated for next season already. Pretty lucky to have such unique venue/event close to home! Big thanks to MAP!
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Re: Andre's 2g GSX build

Nice work man.
Aaron/brownman/big brown.
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Mark Leasure
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Re: Andre's 2g GSX build

Nice work on the cage! Lots of great work on your car overall! The car is really coming together.
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Re: Andre's 2g GSX build

Awesome update. Love to see the car coming together man!
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