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1ViciousGSX's 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX

Basically it's stock

Magnus Motorsports Stage 4 1G 2.4 L 8.5:1 Long Rod short block (Ross/Pauter)
Magnus Motorsports Stage 3 1G cylinder head (Supertech components, Cometic HP, A1 H-11 studs)
Magnus Motorsports sheet metal intake
Magnus Motorsports 1G/2G install kit
Forced Performance FP4R cams
Fidanza adjustable cam gears
Concept Racing solid lash adjusters (16)
1G external oil cooler/oil filter housing
Setrab 119FP8 fan-pack oil cooler
-8 braided stainless steel lines from housing to cooler and back
Jaz mini breather catch can

Bosch -044 fuel pump (330 lph @ 75 psi)
VPE big bore fuel rail
Earls -8 1-way check valve @ inlet to the fuel rail
FIC 1240cc Ball/Disc injectors
Aeromotive A1000-6 1:1 AFPR
Aeromotive 12301 fuel filter
-8 braided steel line from the screen pick-up to the fuel rail
-6 braided steel line from the fuel rail to the AFPR
-4 braided steel line from the AFPR to the return line
1G throttle body/2G TPS
Fuel pump re-wire w/10 gauge wire

DSMLink v2/2.5 client software
MafTranslator v1.36
3.5 inch LS1 maf
AEM UEGO wide-band controller w/add-on a/f gauge

Buschur Racing COP
93-94 Hall Effect CAS

HKS TO4Z turbo
VPE S/S tubular manifold
Tial 44mm wastegate
Tial 50mm BOV
GReddy Profec Type-s boost controller
Garrett/PTE 24x12x4 FMIC w/custom tanks & piping
Dejon Tools 4" intake pipe

TRE race prepped transmission
Speed Design 4-spider center diff
Torrington bearing mod @ center diff
3-4 hub sleeve upgrade
Cryo treatment on all hard parts

Clutch Masters 2500lb pressure plate
Clutch Masters ceramic 4-puck sprung hub disc
Clutch Masters billet aluminum flywheel w/steel face

Fluidyne radiator
Fal Twin-line fans
160 deg thermostat

VPE 3 inch downpipe
Custom 3.5 inch exhaust
Borla XR-1 3.5 muffler
Dynomax 3.5 Bullet resonators (x2)

Eibach Pro-kit 1" springs which have been cut to lower the car a total of 2 inches
KYB AGX 4-way adjustable shocks
Ingalls adjustable camber kits at all four wheels
Front/Back strut tower bars
18x8 Rays Engineering/Volk Racing AV3 wheels
Nitto NT555 225/40ZR18 tires
Metal Master brake pads

HID Xenon headlamps w/ballast & igniters
PIAA Ion fog lamp bulbs
Clear corner lamps w/amber bulbs
Vehicle has been de-badged

MOMO shift knob
Red interior lamp bulbs
Super Green neon needle kit installed at instrument cluster gauges
Windows tinted w/Graphite tinting 20% rear - 35% quarter glasses - 50% door glasses
Parking Garage 007.jpg Parking Garage 008.jpg Parking Garage 013.jpg Parking Garage 027.jpg Turbo 049.JPG Turbo 048.JPG Turbo.JPG Intercooler 027sm.JPG
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Author Comment Date
DSMStyle In exchange for the car, I'll give you my first 7 born. 12-31-2006
1ViciousGSX I don't know, are the kids going to look like you? 01-03-2007
ExTREME First 7 born? I cant beat that, I was wondering if I could just eat a turd for your car 01-17-2007
Hippofish Very nice looking car dude, major props on trading my kids, but I thought about it for a second...The Fish 05-06-2007
jhaan_dude i would give my left testical for your car, actually the whole nutsack 08-14-2007
NOT THE BLUE LAMPSHADE hot-cha-cha-cha... delicious! 09-02-2007
Forced Fed All you need now is... JMFab Polished Cooland Overflow :D 08-31-2009
AlexanderFresh You sound like you pack enough to cruise around with us up here in Duluth/Superior, where are you from? 09-13-2010
1ViciousGSX Louisiana 09-19-2010
Road_Runner pretty sick GSX. it will kill my mostly stock GST! 10-18-2010
PullGsix3 Nice build. Do you still have the car? 08-30-2023

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