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Re: Meet GheyRay: Lower, Wider, Lighter!

After 14k miles/1.5 years, the Redline D4 tranny fluid I put in to replace the factory fluid is showing signs of being worn out. The Shreveport cruise a few weeks ago is likely what did it in. Now I remember why I replaced it annually in my DSMs/Evos It feels amazing when fresh, but it does age much quicker than factory-fill fluids. I just got a jug ordered from so I'll get that done later this month.

The clutch system is acting like that fluid is ready for another flush as well. That's a good task for the dealership though so I'll have that done when I have the car in next (likely Feb or March for an airbag recall and annual state emissions inspection). The slave cylinder is inside the bell housing so accessing the bleeder is a total PITA, and the dealer charges a pretty reasonable price for it considering the time involved.
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I agree with Kracka.

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