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The Chase For 8's

Well, after long consideration on which direction i've wanted to go with my car I finally decided to make the jump to a more dedicated track car. I had contemplated cutting up my car because it has some rust, and the paint is kind of dull so i've never really been too fond of the body on my car. But after quite a bit of thinking I just couldnt bring myself to doing it because its a clean title and if I were to put it back to stockish I wouldnt feel bad driving it in winter.

So the search began. There were quite a few cars out there that were fitting the description of what I wanted. I was hoping to find one with a cage in it already since it would save me a bunch of money. And I found a few, but nothing that really stood out. I was about to give up and just stick with my car being a "street car" again for next year. Until I saw a possible feeler from one of the 7 sec Bounty Evo's on Facebook. I messaged the seller and got the ball rolling.

Next thing you know I was off to Cincinnati to pick up the shell. I had a little hiccup and ended up having to work at 11:50pm the night before I was about to leave which sucked but it turned out to be a super short night and was home by 2am and on the road by 8. Made it to Cincinnati at about 9:30pm EST and checked into our hotel. I couldn't sleep for shit that night even though I was exhausted from that long/stressful drive with the trailer. But I was just hoping the car was what I wanted and I didn't just waste all this time for something that I wasn't in to. But I finally fell asleep and woke up then next morning and went to meet them.

It initially looked way better in pictures so I was kind of disappointed at first. But I knew the time/money that they had into the shell and the minor blemishes really weren't that bad. It was, after all, going to just be a drag car anyways. So after we hammered out some of the final details we loaded it on the trailer and headed back home. Here's a few quick pictures I snapped on the way home. It was nothing but a shell. Not a single wire in the car and missing almost everything. But the more I thought about it the better that sounded because I wouldn't have to Deal with someone else's mess:



I got home and took the stickers off and transferred some of the parts off my other car to make this look more like a car again









The car was 22xx lbs with everything in it from the previous owners. But with some of the stuff i'll be putting back in I'm assuming i'll be around 24xx. I'm going to try to keep the weight down as much as possible but this year I just want to get it together and see what it will do. My last car weighed 29xx so with 500 lbs out of it it should go way quicker. I ran a 9.4 at 157 previously so im hoping next year I can knock on the doorstep of 8's.

Unfortunately i'm going to have to keep "some" things under wraps but as I start getting it back together i'll share as much as I can, needless to say 2018 is going to be a fun year. I'd like to get lights back in it so I can take it out to "mexico" once or twice a year, but we'll see how much work that will be
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