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Mark Leasure
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Mark's Evo IX MR Winter Projects

Well this should be one of the last remaining projects that Im going to do on my car. My fleet is now complete to my satisfaction and Im planning on going back to school for a masters degree. So I need to get this OCD car obsession out of my system!

Here is a little background on the car:

I purchased the car new in Aug 2005 from metro, its a graphite grey IX MR. I drove it at factory trim for almost 2 years. I told everyone that I bought new for reliability reasons and I needed a 100% factory driver car. Seemed like a harmless omission at the time. Until I saw Jim at one of the cookouts, he was making more than 350 WHP on DBs dyno running E85 with just about everything factory except for exhaust and extra fuel capacity. My friends ripped me a new one once I started modding the car, as I took the motor out at 12K on the odometer! The car is now worked up to a 550-575WHP car, made something like 565 at map on a weak tune by me. I currently have an EF4 that I have been testing for MAP. The motor ended up blowing a head gasket and I needed to replace it. My thought was that I wanted more power out of the car since my stock block car red powered SE IX is making almost 500whp. There is not that much difference in feeling between the Evos. The Evos are close in power, compared to my ridiculous Talon. I want the MR to be somewhere in between the talon and the SE!
My clutch is also on its way out which is an Exeddy twin disc.

The cars current mods are:

Manley turbo tuff rods
JE pistons
Balance shafts removed
AMS oil pan
Supertech springs and retainers
Kelford 272s, with the revised stronger intake cam
FIC 1350s
Full blown twin pump hanger
A1000 fuel pressure regulator
MAP 3 o2 eliminator dump
MAP long tubular header
3 exhaust
ETS 4 intercooler
2.5 lower IC pipe
Injen upper intercooler pipe and intake
Sparktech COP Ignition

On to my project
Im going to perform the following:

Magnus V5 manifold
Boomba 75mm tb
1680 or 2150 hi z injectors
H11 head studs
Make my own 3 IC piping and 4 intake
Small battery kit
Swap the 6 speed for a 5 Speed, ultimate ratio build with 4.11 final drive
Rework some items on the xfer case, upgrade front diff and 8-10mm bolt swap.
Rebuild the clutch
Stroke the motor, bore and install Wiesco HD pistons with an OEM 100mm crank, map machining
Tial BOV
Convert to SD, omni 4 bar map.
Anodize all the aluminum fabricated parts black?

My goal is to be around the 650+ WHP range with the car, at least. Ill update with pictures as I go.
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