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Re: Andre's 2g GSX build

I have been slowly getting the car back together and changing some stuff along the way. I upgraded my rods from the eagles to some turbo tuffs I picked up off the leasure a few years back that I had just laying here for a future build but since I had this torn down checking ring gaps anyways I just took the time to install them. On Dbs dyno I really was noticing how much oil I was pushing even at only 35lbs and 750 ish on the 3rd and 4th pulls. Assuming since It never happened before well racing is cause where the oil is in the head well moving vs sitting still. So I welded a -12an bung in the deleted balance shaft hole on my oil pump housing and gonna just dump my catch can back in the block. Safety reasons for sure cause easily pushes a qt if not more on a pull. Replaced Half the valves now just waiting for a new permatorque head gasket, cause I am scared to try reuse It and my timing belt. If any one has a set of stock cam gears for a 2gb I would work out a deal with u if you don’t need them anymore.
After that should be ready for another Shot.

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Re: Andre's 2g GSX build

Aaron/brownman/big brown.
'91 Automagic.
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