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flips McGee
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*** If you do not OWN it, DO NOT POST IT! ***

Read the rest of the rules, but this one has been ignored time and time again. It opens too many doors for people to get screwed. If you ignore this post and post up something for someone else, then congratulations! You just earned yourself a shot at making sure everything goes right with any deal that comes through these forums.

We're a fairly tight-knit community here and we all have to watch out for each other. PLEASE RESPECT THIS!

If you want to post something you found on craigslist or ebay or whatever, put it in the parking lot.

The rest of the rules are right here, at the top of every classified forum:
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R U DTF bro?
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Re: *** If you do not OWN it, DO NOT POST IT! ***

Also I'd like to remind people DO NOT POST in a "for sale" thread unless YOU ARE ACTUALLY INTERESTED IN BUYING or have good info pertaining to the item for sale. It seems like I'm deleting off-topic posts in the classifieds section on a daily basis. They do nothing but clutter up threads and make it harder for interested buyers to get the info they're looking for. Sellers to not need a bump b/c you think the car looks good, b/c you're friends with the seller, etc.
Originally Posted by Murlo26 View Post
I agree with Kracka.
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