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Friday I made a test hit just to see how the car would react to what I changed. It came out soft and was slow to the 60ft and 330ft but still managed to get a new personal best.

I got a warning for going to fast for not having a NHRA license witch is fine because the rules are the rules. I looked at the log and ran lower boost than I wanted it to and was about a tenth slow to the 330ft so I changed a few things and forgot to change my O2 feedback.

Saturday I bumped the 2 step up 300rpm to see if it would leave harder and in the car it felt like it took off hard so I ran the car out and got kicked out. Was kindof bummed because it felt fast and the slip tells a different story.

Over all we had a lot of fun during the weekend hanging out and seeing everyone. Just need to get my license, change the tune, and turn it up a little and I think it will go .40's with 33psi as it sits! My highlight of the entire weekend happened on Friday my daughter was the first pass down the track at only 6 months old!

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Re: 9.64@155 THANKS SHANE

Nice passes, congrats on personal best.

Your little one is a cutie. Must be high in the percentile scale for a six month old!
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Re: 9.64@155 THANKS SHANE

That is awesome, crazy that you are doing this on such low boost.
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Re: 9.64@155 THANKS SHANE

Congrats on the new personal best Nate! Car looked awesome as always and was good shootin the shit for a bit.

I should bug Shane again and see if he'll tune a bike lol
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Re: 9.64@155 THANKS SHANE

Dude epic! Just freaking scooting. Love the ebrake technique and the smoke pouring out of the air vents is just bad ass!
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