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6-bolt engine parts

Got 2 motors without cranks in the garage, and probably will be adding a 3rd hear shortly. I can send pics if there's any interest. Both Std 85mm bores still, 1 has the rear dowel welded back on, I was chicken to run it, but it came off a rally cross car and they didn't manage to rip it off there.

Other is my old block, rear dowel is chipped and I modded it to use a special dowel, that comes with (fits better than the oem one, and it's longer).

Have a couple front covers, pick up tubes, heads, and the other various brackets and parts to piece these back together. Bascially everything but oil squirters and cranks. Need to get them out of my garage.

Of course this is all make offer stuff, if anyone actually is interested in something I will take pictures of it. Couple decent heads if nothing else.
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Re: 6-bolt engine parts

^FB message me, with what you are up to.
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