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Dragy Times

So I bought this thing a few months ago called the "Dragy". It's a little device that talks to your cell phone over bluetooth. It's a GPS / Accelerometer type device that is ran via an app on your phone (Android / Apple). It measures your various times/speeds for things like 0-60, 1/8 miles, 1/4 mile, etc. It also uses your phones camera so you can take a video and it overlays the information right on the video! There's tons of results out there from people and it seems to be VERY accurate and consistent with actual drag strip times. People run their car at the track and have this running as well, and the results are usually within a couple hundredths of each other.

So anyway I was super pumped, ordered one up, only to be let down that the video portion only worked on Apple products. I was pretty bummed because to me that was the coolest part of the whole thing.

Low and behold last night I find they released a Beta/Trial version of the app for android that supports video! So I updated the app and tested it out on the Durango Cool little device, I think I paid maybe $200 for it? Totally worth it now that the video portion works
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Re: Dragy Times

Awesome little unit! I look forward to trying my hand at this when my trans is done. Should come in handy for my variable traction/launch control tuning actually.
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