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Re: Project Lex

The flip side of this is, I will not be building it. It is a build that another SC300-er has built and installed on a bunch of SC's, and has apparently got it running pretty well. I'd be buying it from him, and as such he would be the tech support. So it wouldn't be jumping in blindly, building something from scratch. There's actually working systems (working well according to him) already out there on these, which is why I'm even considering it.

Motec, umm... I'm pretty sure that will cost about the same as I paid for this car, so no. It's not some ballin car, it's an 18 year old lexus with 150k on it haha. I'm still a DSMer at heart, so $750 MS vs. $2000 AEM v2 is enough of a difference to make me take a step back and think.
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