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Re: Project Lex

Well I sold my cams off the Talon, so that paid for a nice new China-bay GPS head unit Half the people say these chinese things are good, half say they suck. I haven't seen anyone yet with this one in particular. So I'll just be a guinea pig and give it a shot. And if it works or sucks, I guess I'll find out. I'll post up a review at sometime so others can know. If it ends up being good, well then sweet!! And I'll get another one for the Voy

What I like, is it's got GPS, DVD, and Bluetooth capabilities. I also like that it has an Aux In and a USB, both located on the FRONT. I Was having a hard time finding that on Pioneer, Kenwood, etc type units that cost under $500. One other thing I wanted was a Volume Knob. There were some cheaper china ones, but they had tiny little buttons which i didn't like. I like to be able to adjust volume quickly with a knob. And lastly I wanted double-din so that was also important to me.

Here's the link to what I got if anyone cares to check it out and tear me a new a-hole for buying china junk But trust you me, it's the first of many Chinese parts that will end up on the bean. Chinese turbo kit will be purchased sooner or later, haha!!!
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