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Re: Project Lex

I've been trying to decide which tuning method to go, and have recently been talking a lot with a guy over on the lexus forums about a megasquirt system that he builds and runs on his car, and on a few others in his neck of the woods.

Anyone here have any first hand experience with any of the NEWER MS stuff? I know there's a lot of bad thoughts regarding the original MS, but I've heard some positive stuff regarding the newer versions.

Couple of the cons are that it's less widely used, so there might be less support for it, less people willing to tune it, less people capable of tuning it to it's full capability due to less on-hands experience with it. Not Plug-n-Play so harness modifications may be required unless I can find any kind of pigtail to go inbetween the two. Batch injection, this is a grey subject for me. I heard that because of this, it may have to idle a little rich, but I am no expert at that at all. Is batch injection going to really kill drivability, or is it workable? When setting up AEM systems, do people always pretty much use sequential?

Some pro's are it's about 1/3 of the cost of AEM. Don't need an external MAP sensor as it has one built in so you just run a vacuum line straight to the box. Would be wired in parallel with the ECU, not so that it acts as a piggyback, but rather acts in parallel with the ECU so that the ECU can still control A/C and stuff like that, while the MS box fully controls fuel, timing, 2-step, NLTS, knock, etc... The new TunerStudio software is supposedly pretty user friendly (from what I've read, no 1st hand experience here).

So I'm currently a little torn. If anyone has some first hand experience, or some useful input into AEM vs. MS, feel free to voice your thoughts as I'm still a ways out from ordering anything, and am all ears at this point as I'm just trying to gather as many facts and opinions for now to help me make a better educated decision when the time does come.

The guy who I've been speaking with, here's a clip of his SC300 running his MS setup (user name Shaodome over on club lexus, seems to be a bright guy):

Some TunerStudio info:
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