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Re: Nightfury

Originally Posted by asshanson View Post
I did not know this. What spot?

I parked next to a tesla with "workday" as the plate today, guess they're an employee or local salesperson? kind of weird. No witty plate here. Apparently I'm a bad owner not naming my car or having a custom plate lol
Funny, the guy when we test drove made sure to show us that part. haha.

Originally Posted by scheides View Post
omg I didn't know this was a thing!! Googled it a bit and just wow. Can't wait to see it without those covers; I reeeeeeeaaaaaally don't care for the look of the stock wheels but if they're just covers, do it up!
Yeah they are ugly. The wheels under look alot better. Once it's not so f-ing cold I'll take them off haha.
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