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We sold the WRX and purchased a Tesla Model 3 Performance (stealth).

We ordered a standard dual motor Model 3 at the end of October. In November I got word via the Tesla forums that there was a batch of off menu stealth performance 3's getting built. I called my sales guy and he was able to claim one for me and switch my order over!

It is visually the same as a standard dual motor, but it has the bigger motors of the performance cars. Basically you can't order one, but they randomly build them and you can buy it if you find one, kind of a weird, but I was super happy to find one. It doesn't have the big brakes, lowered suspension, and visual add on's of the standard performance, but it has track mode. It is about 5k less than the performance cars you can order. 0-60 in 3.2 and 320 miles of range.

We picked it up last night, so far it seems like the perfect mix of fast and comfy. Perfect for DDing.

I plan to remove the area wheel covers (hubcaps). They add about 5% to your driving range, so I'll keep them around if we ever take a trip in it. Window tint is first up.

We named it Toothless after the Nightfury in how to train your dragon.

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