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Re: Andre's 2g GSX build

Originally Posted by Mark Leasure View Post
It is looking really good. Have you ever considered moving the battery to the front of the car? I know I saved a quite a bit of weight in doing so due to all the cabling. I was also experiencing alternator & cdi ignition box failures when the battery was in the rear too, that went away when I move battery to the front. I still use a rear disconnect switch, but I use a solid state battery disconnect module so that I only run a small 16 gauge wire for control to the disconnect switch. This way all the heavy cabling stays up front, resulting in improving electrical function and minimizing weight.
Funny thing is I just moved the battery to the back per recommendation of who made my harnesses and I just didn't do enough research to see what my other options were. I would say that it has felt very silly adding all the weight in cable. I am going to switch this per your recommendation and thank you for the tip. Do you have a recommendation for the solid state state disconnect module by chance?
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