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I don't frequent this site much, but i am exhausted at work and can't focus so i figured i would start a build thread here.

Here it is when i first got it, outside hasn't changed really, shorty antenna is about it:

Here is my first dyno at DB with catback/intake:
AMS Intake
Buschur Bullet Catback
Also has my baseline with the mods:

Then came a UR testpipe and a retune:

Then came these parts:

And E85 retune:

This is where the car currently is for power until next week.

My fuel assembly after 6 months on E85 using DIY install kit, worked alright, wouldn't recommend.

Now for the current state:

Clean and then dirty:

Me installing my new parts two nights it was cold.

catch can moved when new LICP went in.

Got rid of the hard plastic for the MR mesh on driver side.

Then off to MAP

For these to be installed:

New Installs before retune next friday with Shane:
AMS Widemouth Downpipe
Ported FPred with antisurge and FP porting and MAP coating
Ported Exhaust Mani with coating
Blaqops Double pumper, progressive based on boost
Fuel Lab AFPR (maybe fuel rail).

This is where I stand mani is off and getting ported as we speak
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