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Re: 1997 GSX - DD, RR, and 11's.

So today was a productive day today.

My son and i drove to columbia to get motul rbf600 brake fluid from cycle gear (45min each way) amd have to admit was fun trip.. weather was awesome and there happened to be a car event going on so we had tons of cars on the highway. Several tried to get me to race but with my son in the car we just enjoyed watching them try and egg us on. (Id give a little hit to get them to take off to put a smile on his face but never more then that) my son said to me "dad i love this car and i hope you never sell it"

Was a good feeling and brought back tons of memories of racing back in minnesota.

So got home and decided i was going to fix the back up camera and stereo that hasn't been working since i first picked up the car from back in Oct of last year. And happy to say its all back up and working again.

So to celebrate took my son for a cruise to get ice cream at sonic. And on the way we passed an R32 skyline. Very cool to see. Hopefully they are local and ill get to see more of it
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