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Re: 1997 GSX - DD, RR, and 11's.

realized I havent updates this in forever.

wish I had good news but truth is since picking up the car from dsm revival in spartanburg back in what Oct.

I've got to drive the car for a total of 5 days. All of which were driving either home, to an oil change place or back to the shop that did the work.

the car was fine till the builder said switch to different weight oil (used his specific oil) then the car started leaking, followed shortly by smoking.
it was leaking so bad I didn't even bother pulling it off the lift at the oil change place I had the tow truck guy back the trailer right to the lift and we pushed it onto the trailer.

I finally got the car back with no oil leaks after a like 2 months.

Then got fed up with that guy as it still smokes and took it some where else. Nick Derrick place.

anyrate I asked him to look into the smoking issue, tune the car, and get an alignment done.
5 months he's had the car and still not fixed right.

he says the tune is done, he actually had a suspension bolt come off just after doing a tuning run that probably would have killed him had it been at speed vs just about back to his house.
so thay prompted me to have him check check the whole car over. he found 4 bolts in the back suspension that were on thier last threads and about to fall out.

after all that he went out to test the car 1 last time and got 1.2miles from his house and it sprayed all the oil out of the car.

That was 4 weeks ago and he hasn't touched it since
I swear I miss the days I could just drive 30min to our local shop or call up the guys and have a weekend install party at the house.
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