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Re: Brad's New Bike - '12 ZX10R

Pit Bull Trailer Restraint System worked pretty slick, threw a strap around the front tire to help to keep it from moving around when hitting bumps. GTO pulled and camping gear just fine this weekend up to BIR, rear end was squated a bit low when loaded up but drove no problemo.

Bike did pretty good at the track. Got close to my 150 trap goal, best of 149, and hit my goal of doing better than the r1 first time out.

Best time was 9.247 @ 148.76.

The only issue at the track was the air shifter deciding not to work. Ended up taking off the bottle and whole setup and just foot shifting all weekend. Giving up on using nitrous for the air shifter for now and going to try just using air from the swing arm.

Thinking if I can get my 60' times down and the air shifter it's got a 9.1/9.0 in it.
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