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Re: Brad's New Bike - '12 ZX10R

Originally Posted by turbotalon1g View Post
If you need boost I have a good condition 14b here. :grin:
That sure would help me run faster without getting a rider mod lol. I think it'd be badass to have a turbo bike, maybe someday!

Your car going to be ready for pg?

Originally Posted by A//// Guy View Post
I would think making it that long would decrease downward force and traction? Seems redonk long haha, sweet project tho!
lol, thanks! Always fun to have a project to putz with. Yea I know it probably wouldn't get traction last night but thought it'd do better than it did. The tire on it right now is a sport touring tire that has a pretty hard center so it can last a long time. Hopeful that by playing with the suspension settings a bit and a more normal/sticker tire that it'll hook on the street from a roll.
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