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Re: Brad's New Bike - '12 ZX10R

Originally Posted by dsmreck View Post
Soooooo sexy and soooooo fast. Deff be fun to see that thing rip
Thanks man! Hope it rips lol. Getting a little nervous its going to go slower than the r1 did

Finished installing the chain tonight. Went with a black 160 link 525 EK MVXZ chain and ended up cutting out 5 links. Could have went with 4 links to get another inch out of the swing arm but figured the long chain would probably stretch a bit and then I would run out of adjustment if it did.

This bike also uses abs type grooves in the rear rotor to get a speed reading. Since the longer swing arm, the wiring would have reached but would have looked like poo and been really stretched. I cut into the harness and extended it about 12 inches and tucks in nice on the swing arm and looks pretty good I think.

I took it on a little rip after all that and it spun pretty hard in 1st almost every time I got on it. Seemed to hook pretty good once, but then seemed to be spinning just a bit at the top of 1st. Granted it was a bit wet/damp out but I'll be curious to see how it hooks on nice try pavement with a street tire.

Depending on money I might try and get it tuned on 87 before proving grounds. Was thinking of going with mr12 race gas but at 150 for 5 gallons and being harder on the engine, I think I'll pass unless I need the boost to get it into the 8s.
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