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Re: Andre's 2g GSX build

I have a few updates. Ended up adding electronic fuel pressure, electronic boost control, direct fire ign, electronic oil pressure monitoring, and ethanol sensor. The new ecu works great and have been getting it all figured it out fairly smoothly. Ohm racing did good work on the harnesses and everything worked. The coils are a little tricky to wire properly so I was happy that it was done well. Ended up bringing the car down to Db last week to see if we could get it all sorted out. It was only about 10 degrees and with e90 it was tuff just getting the car started. The firing order was also not set properly in the ecu which was another headache but we figured it out. We did pretty good and we're just getting to the good stuff on tuning and had a cam bolt back out after 6 years. Only explanation is human error by not using loctite. I have not checked any of the timing side of the motor since I built it and it is an unfortunate and embarrassing that it happened but it did. I got extremely lucky it was not in a pull but in deceleration around 4K rpm and snapped the belt and ruined a fair share of the timing components. 4 exhaust valves barely kissed and already being fixed. Looking forward to getting back down there to finish this. 13 lbs short of goal, we weren't reving to 9500 yet, and hadn't started to play with timing yet and the motor really wakes up with it. Looking forward to the next round for sure. Here is the graph and a picture of the entertainment at Db! I am just really glad no one was hurt cause it could have been bad.

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