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Re: Group buy on active toe eliminator kits?


My connection at the machine shop is now at a new job in wisconsin,being a manager. So he's no longer able to work on this project. I'm selling off what I have.

I have a set that is complete minus the spacers. I'll sell for $120, and with that extra $25 you can find spacers, use stuff from the hardware store, buy some tube and cut it down... it really shouldn't be a big deal.

Picture of what you get:

Otherwise, I also have 2 more sets of just the slugs. Order your rod ends, figure out some spacers, and you're good to go. If people are interested in getting them with rod ends, I can order more of those. But I'll sell them for $80 a set for just the weld-in slugs.

Let me know if you're interested!

Also, if someone has a hookup at a machine shop and wants to work with me on getting more of these made, PM me!
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