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Re: Project DSM-NonGM

I'm quite lucky, a really good friend of mine had his head laying around from when he had his dsm and it had been nicely ported with 3g lifters ect which really worked out because the head I had from my car had some gouges in one of the cam journals which I was told was due to having a/m cams with original springs. I brought that head to MAP and they rebuilt everything with new springs,retainers and valves and cleaned everything up.

Head studs and cleaned up the pistons a bit.

I never did take and pictures of the porting work on the head... should have but forgot.

Also while I was waiting for the head to get back I ended up replacing the rear calipers and brakes because the E brakes were locked up on one of the sides and I couldn't use the e brake which with a manual was a major pita.

Also swapped out the oil pan because it had a huge dent, swapped out the front control arms because the bushings were old and shot and had ended up sand blasting the brkts and dip stick and then painted at the shop because why not and it was free.


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