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Re: Project Lex

Well thought I'd update this with some recent workings.

First, big thanks to Peter for helping me come up with a name for this sucker. With the Green Dragon gone (01 Galant), and Saables gone (06 Saab), it was time to yet again come up with a name. The funniest thing I think we came up with was Green Bean. It's green, and kinda roundy shaped like a bean, so it fits! So I dub thee...

Project Green Bean (or also 'Teh Bean)
Could a mod please change the thread title to reflect!!

So, on to what I've done. The turbo is officially on order. I spent a long time researching, and speaking to many (what I'd consider) experts before choosing. In the end I chose a Borg Warner 84-75 (84 being the compressor exducer, and 75 being the turbine inducer) in a .91AR Divided T4 housing. Without getting into a ton of details, I spent a good 3 weeks researching turbos before finally deciding on this setup. In a nutshell, it's 61.4mm capable of flowing 72lb/min, and spooling quite quickly. I felt this matches my goal of being able to make some decent power, while maintaining as good of spool as possible to keep as wide of a power band as possible. If you care to learn anymore on this specific turbo, there are huge threads on Supraforums, and EvoM with lots of good input from Geoff at Full Race.

I've been researching EMS systems, and at this point am 99% set on getting the Megasquirt setup I mentioned earlier. Just waiting on a couple more answers from the gentleman I'll be purchasing from before it's a done deal. Right now I'm contemplating installing that before I boost, just to help as it may be easier to get it running well on a stock car that's already and pretty much perfect running condition.

Late last week removed the Climate Control unit, cracked it open and removed, and soldered in new backlight bulbs (6 total) and the LCD screen as those were known issues before I got the car. Everything went pretty smooth and is working good as new Pics of the process, and a final pic of it working!
Out with the old

In with the new

Today I started removal of the ghetto bass. This is actually proving to be a little bit of a mess. This car came stock with factory amps, and a CD changer I think. So when this guy installed his new setup, he had to do all sorts of wiring, and it's a friggin mess. But all the old stuff is out, and trying to sell it. I haven't chosen one yet, but will be purchasing a new new Double DIN CD/DVD/Nav unit, and probably just run one of my old amps and single 10" sub from the Talon for the time being. The ghetto bass was just too much for me. A single 10" is perfect for me as all I'm looking for is something to clean up the bass sound a little more than the factory system can putout. Also this whole time I had been wondering what was behind the stock trunk carpet as it seemed there should have been a lot more trunk space deeper in the trunk. Today I realised that, well, the reason that part of the trunk is blocked off is because that's where the gas tank is, ha! Some pics of everything torn apart, as it sits today

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