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Re: Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs vs. Girl Scount Tag-A-Longs

[1 Minute Ago 03:35 PM] Halon: yup, the peanut butter egg is the best candy ever invented
[1 Minute Ago 03:35 PM] Kracka: Reeses Eggs are so good
[1 Minute Ago 03:34 PM] tpunx99GSX: Reeses are my favorite candy ever
[1 Minute Ago 03:34 PM] Kracka: add some ice cream and call it a shake
[1 Minute Ago 03:34 PM] tpunx99GSX: HESLL YES
[1 Minute Ago 03:34 PM] Kracka: LOL
[1 Minute Ago 03:34 PM] A//// Guy: that would be awesome, or just put like 50 reeses in a blender and then eat it
[2 Minutes Ago 03:33 PM] A//// Guy: later dude
[2 Minutes Ago 03:33 PM] tpunx99GSX: i wish i could have a whole jar of the "peanut butter" that is in reeses peanut bugger cups
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I agree with Kracka.
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