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Re: Looking to buy a new vehicle, ext. warranty? rust protection?

When I was a service advisor at Ford I would never have thought I'd recommend extended warranties. But after seeing random things fail for no particular reason I changed my tune. My wife got a '16 Jeep and we got the lifetime Mopar warranty with it(really good friend was the finance guy so sweet pricing). I know everyone loves Ford's but I'm sure GM has just as many electronics on them a d they fail. If you plan to keep the truck for a long time I would suggest it. If you decide against it, you can sometimes sell the contract back and be prorated for it. Tough part is all the fun electronics fail at 37k and nothing covers. It always sucked seeing and dealing with people needing to fix something just out of warranty much better customer relations when it was covered by the extended warranty plus not direct from their Visa or checking account.

I do agree on the rust protection, even the recon guy said it hardly does anything worthwhile.
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