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Re: Project DSM-NonGM

Nevermind then

I've compared and tested most of the various porting companies over the years with Mil.Spec. MAP, Grimspeed, and SoCal Porting really being the only ones worth a damn. The problem is, 3 of these 4 no longer offer porting services due to how labor intensive it is with minimal financial return for the hours spent.

TRE's was over-rated, PPI's was average, Buschur's never went deep enough, and FP's was more of a surface polishing.

I see that Curt Brown is now offering porting services as well, but I can't speak to how thorough his work is (but I love a quote on his website). "Remember all porting is done by ME, not some $20 an hour idiot in the back room like most places!"
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I agree with Kracka.

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