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Re: The Chase For 8's

Originally Posted by Mark Leasure View Post
I was looking at the pictures in a little bit more detail. Why is the passenger floor completely removed? Did they just toss in stock struts to sell it? What other parts did they yank off it? You can shave off additional weight by putting a tubular K member in it and tubular a arms! What are your plans for the project, or next steps?
The floor is in there still, That is just some sheet metal for the rear trunk area I have laying in there.

Yeah they put stock suspension on it to sell it, same with the front and rear cross members. I want to get the rest of the drivetrain in there but i'm waiting for a steering rack before I button it all up.

Then it will be off to have a manifold made and maybe some of the wiring since there isn't a single wire in there right now.

At some point this year i'll be going with a mechanical fuel pump and 4 more injectors. Than getting the front core support modified to fit with the ETS 6" intercooler I bought a month or 2 ago. I also have an AEM Infinity sitting here waiting to go in.

I'm not totally sure what to do for suspension yet, but that will be one of the last things I get put in unless I come across something I can pass up.

This year i'll be running the stock cross members and depowered rack (which is going to suck ass, but it is what it is for now) and then hopefully next year i'll be able to change a few of the other things.
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