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Car problems....

Not sure which forum to put this in.
On my lunch break today we were on our way and i was driving normal when all of the sudden the CEL comes on and the car starts having problems accelerating, it is still building boost but is shaking really hard and not wanting to go faster. im able to shift gears just fine but its still having problems reving.
So i pull into a gas station and look under the hood, Nothing seems out of place, i check the intercooler piping and that seams ok, theres no gas leaks or oil leaks or coolent leaks, the temp is normal. so i try to start it again and it starts right up and revs just fine.
I start driving again and the shit starts happening again after about 30 seconds of driving. I was on a kind of busy road so i turn the car off and coast a little then start the car and put it in gear and again its reving fine. It did that all the way to the resturant and back to work.
After work im going to put the link on and see what the CEL is pulling.
Im really confused on this one, can you guys try and shed some light on this.
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