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back in the saddle again
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Re: Back into the big leagues: Project FRC

Been awhile.

Got the intake in, got the injectors in, currently installing a magnus clutch tamer to help with the launches.

About a month ago I went out to a no prep/no time event near me. Ended up making a few passes off the bottle. Most notable win was a hellcat Challenger. We both spun, I outpeddled him and could put the power down on the Toyo's around 85mph or so.

He was not happy. I tree'd him and ended up winning by a few car lengths.

Need to get the car back no the dyno, I figure it's every bit of around 470rwhp N/A, maybe a bit more. I'll just hit it with the nitrous to get a 600ish chart for the hard parking crowd; then back to the track to find that 10.
My street car runs low 11's and my race car's personal best is a mid 11....
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