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Re: House Projects

pics soon -

I overpaid for a foreclosed auction house that had mold and burst pipes.

Bought the house (my first!) in November 2018 - I have been working on it non stop until now - Nov '18 to Aug '19. Definitely underestimated scope and cost!!! "Just needs paint and carpet nbd $10k" hahahahahaha.

House facts:

1986 Construction
3600 sq ft
4 bed, (2) full baths (1) 1/2 bath
Oversized attached 2 car garge (extra wide, deep enough for sideways car)
Detached 3 car garage
Detached 1 car garage

I broke the project into 3 Phases Phase 2 has been completed, and I'm too burnt out and poor to finish Phase 3 at this time.

The main goal has been to make the clean and freshen the house; the entire house was dingy, covered in wallpaper, and out dated to the early 90s.

Phase 1:

Get the mold taken care up, fix the plumbing, make house liveable, remodel basement to create rentable space.

Tore out sheet rock and insulation, replaced and repaired. Fixed all bust pipes, cleaned mold and disposed.

Had drop ceilings replaced with sheet rock
updated bathroom
painted all ceilings walls and trim
updated bathroom hardware
all led lighting everywhere
replaced water heater
installed washer and dryer
replaced carpet
replaced all outlets and switches to white

Replaced all kitchen appliances

Phase 1 completed and had two guys move in

Phase two: My zone
Skim coated master bathroom bc wallpaper was so fucked
oil based primed anything that had wallpaper because that glue is a bitch
painted entire 2nd floor all surfaces ceilings walls trim
replaced all light fixtures and fans with modern LED

Skim coated dining room bc of wallpaper
painted all surfaces ceilings walls and trim
replaced all outlets and switches in upstairs to white

replace all remaining carpet in house

Paved new asphalt driveway

Phase two is complete

Phase three?

Kitchen, main level family room, half bath, and hallway

This is gonna be a ton of money because there is a load bearing wall i want to change.

God this is overwhelming just typing this haha.

Will edit later
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