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Re: House Projects

Recently I built an 8x4' ceiling storage rack for my garage, because the space above the noble wasn't being used at all, and I'm tired of the garage floor being used to store stuff haha. It ended up being a fairly tight fit with the garage door support but it worked out.

My only complaint with the kit is that the vertical support bars aren't long enough, I could only get 30" of drop from the ceiling, and I would have liked 38-40" to get down closer to the door. Oh and there were basically no directions, just a couple pictures, but I was prepared for that based on reviews.

Kit was about $85 from Menards after the rebate, the brand is Muscle Rack, other retailers sell it as well but Menards was by far the cheapest especially with their 11% rebate sale. Much cheaper than piecing together something yourself, and it feels pretty sturdy. I'd have no problem putting a few hundred pounds up there.

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