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Re: House Projects

Not a huge project but I finally put a nice looking top on my work bench. I bought a shop smith a few years ago and I didn’t like how much space it wasted in my already cramped garage. I couldn’t find a 13’ counter so I got two from the ReStore that looked fairly similar. The left one was originally a 3x8’ island counter so it had the edging on both sides. After I cut it to the correct depth I used the leftover piece as a new shelf above the tool box and tool rail/hooks. Excuse the mess in the corner, just piled a ton of stuff there since I had to clear out much of the work bench to screw the counter in from the bottom.

The counter over the shop smith is supported with a 2x4 screwed to the wall, and holds decent weight before flexing. Not going to be a surface to pound on, but plenty strong to hold a bunch of stuff. The shop smith rolls out and fits under the front lip of the counter.

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