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Re: Mark's 1G Winter Projects

On to the next step. I filled the block yesterday. I ended up going about 1 inch down from the deck surface, I think that's considered a three-quarter fill. It was my first time messing around with block filler. It's not the easiest stuff to work with, since the water holes in the deck only allow you to use a small funnel when filling. And the stuff is messy. Thanks goes out to John for letting me use one of his torque plates. Applying 110 lb/ft to the head studs is weird, it's like tightening lug nuts. The rubber hose allows insurance that there is a water path from the pump. They are easily removed when the block filler is cured. I removed the water pump block off plate after 10 hours and removed some semi cured filler material to insure proper water pump functionality. The next step is to get the block out for line honing the mains.

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