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Re: Mark's 1G Winter Projects

Quick update. If have been making parts for the kmember project. I made the tube tabs or chassis brackets, whatever they call them. They are made from 4130 and took forever to machine. I have all the materials so now I just need to get fabricating.

And on the engine project I decided to upgrade my headstuds using the boostin performance 1/2" kit. You need to machine and install 1/2" timeserts in the block to accept the new stud. The machining is not the easiest, and if there are any mistakes the block is junk. So I measured everything to insure my mill and block were dial indicated in. Then I started by finding the hole centers individually with a dial indicator.

Then it was time to drill the block to a depth of 1.45"

Then you need to sink the timesert under the deck, like how the original studs are setup. I cut to a depth of 0.175" with a 5/8" endmill cutter.

Now it's time to tap the threads, using the mill.

Install the insert with the installation tool in the timesert kit and move on. In the first picture there is one installed directly in front of the hole that was being indicated.

The cylinder head needs machining next, to clearance or ream the holes and to add a machined in load washer. My custom pistons are going to arrive at the end of the month.
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