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Re: Project Lex


(5/4) - I had gotten a few misc items buttoned up and wanted to take the car for a spin. While wiping down the motor, I all a sudden noticed the T-Belt was half way off the cam gear, ermagrd. How does that even happen? It sawed right thru the plastic lower timing cover. I started taking it apart and realized that the little guide plate that is supposed to be on the outside of the crank sprocket was missing, which is basically like a large thin washer looking thing that keeps the belt put and doesn't allow it to walk off. So that same day I order up a replacement T-Belt and that guide piece from Real St. for $50. I think they source it from the dealer so it'd be a few days until they got it and then shipped to me.

(5/8) - I had gotten things torn down a bit. I had to order a crank pulley puller because these crank pulleys are a bitch to remove. But this thing was a beast, took the pulley off like butter, so glad I have this puller now. Anyway I get it all torn down and then I notice the oem t-belt tensioner is still installed. I ask the shop where's the billet one I included? They said they never knew I included a billet one and never saw it. I know I included it, but tore the garage and house apart looking for it (didn't find it of course). He looked around his shop and didn't find it. Great, $180 tensioner is gone. I'm not putting this back together without one because the factory ones are known to crack/fail once you start stressing the t-belt more (springs/cams). So I have Real St. add one to my order since they were still waiting on the other parts to show up (another $180). I also go ahead and order a new plastic timing cover since my old one got sawed to pieces (another $60).

(5/14) - All parts have arrived over the weekend, except Real St package scheduled for this day (monday). Get home from class and the package is there, yaay. I should have everything to move forward now. Open the package, in it is the T-belt and the guide deal, but no gawt-dam tensioner!!!! I write them letting them know the tensioner isn't in there, but it's late so no reply. So I make what progress I could. Reinstall some interior trim. Then I do a re-torque of the head studs which all I did was pull cams, throw tq wrench on each stud and checked at 90ft/lbs to make sure nothing was loose (and they werent). So I reinstalled cams. Can't really do anything more without a tensioner so call it a night.

(5/15: today) - I find a local guy has an old Dave H billet tensioner. So I'm going to go grab it soon as I can (hopefully tonight). I talked to Dave H (hardcore supra racer from fargo) and he still has one of his old ones left he will sell me and ship it to the guy I'm taking it from so we should all be straight. I say sounds great thanks! So I write my contact at Real St, continued from my message last night, saying just cancel the tensioner order, I found a different one since you guys missed the shipment. He replies pretty quickly "It's 7:30am, I'm still in bed. The order shipped in full." Fuck me in the goat ass, are you fucking kidding me?!?!?! I'm basically just throwing money away at this point. I just reply telling him to him me up when he wakes up then. So yaay I found one so I can make progress, but literally I'm on my fucking 3rd tensioner at this point, and they aren't particularly cheap. And it really is hard to argue "yes we did, no you didn't, yes we did..."

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