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Re: MAP's 2008 Evolution X GSR Build Thread aka Project GGX

Originally Posted by mlomker View Post
Kracka is focusing on FMIC/piping/TB instead of cams/exhaust mani right now.
Yup, I've been sticking to mods that basically have no drawback. After my IX I decided to shy away from cams and a lightweight flywheel on my X. So far my fairly basic mods have been good for 360whp/380wtq (93 octane pump gas) on Cobb's Mustang dyno.

-AFE/Perrin intake
-MAP o2 elim dp/ETS testpipe/Cobb catback
-ported/coated stock exhaust manifold
-ported stock IM/TB
-Walbro 255 fuel pump
-Grimspeed 3-port BCS
-MAP FMIC w/Nisei UICP (stock LICP)

The only other things I'm considering at this point are a set of larger fuel injectors and a mild upgrade stockframe turbo (something the size of a FP Green or BBX-Lite).

Back on topic: Nice progress, Chris! I'm looking forward to seeing more product details/pictures of your testpipe and catback.
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I agree with Kracka.

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