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Re: Project Lex

Putting on that guide would have been the shop that worked on my car, not the engine shop. They had the piece, he even remembers having it, but said he had to pull the crank pulley off a couple times and so it must have fell off one of the times and they didn't realize. So he admits it was him. But not much he can do, I'm not driving it to detroit for him to fix. He offered to cover half the timing belt, but I told him thanks but no thanks as it was only $50 (so we're talking $25). Then later when I hit him up about the missing $180 tensioner, he just said we never talked about a billet tensioner, and he never saw one. I told him it's true we may never have talked specifically about it, but just like I didn't tell him specifically that I brought new gaskets, new t-belt, and other new peice parts. It was just included with those, and if you know anything about the 2jz a billet tensioner is just one of those things you run with a built motor. If anything it surprised me he put the OEM one on without asking me "hey did you really want to still run the OEM one?". I have proof I bought the tensioner like a year ago. I have a picture of it in my dresser drawer where I kept it lol. But that doesn't prove I borught it to him in Detroit. It's he said she said, and he gave me such a deal on the work, and did a bunch of rework to the messed up harness for free, as pissed as I was I just decided to let it go and focus on moving forward.
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