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Re: My ultimate streetcar

Originally Posted by CarPsyco84 View Post
Thanx for the tip on the pan revision, I did not know that.
I have seen most of the other tricks also, filter housing was already done. Noticed, cause this engine never had crazy high pressure at high rpm like other 6 bolts ive had in the past.
I've read about the oil delivery hole pocket in the head being modded not sure if that's the same trick your thinking of.
And I have an HLA in the garage ready to go in the head. I'd love to know exactly what's needed and what's overkill. But playing science experiment with the bottom end is really too much work and money to gamble with.

I told you about the revised moroso pans, they use to leak like crazy...most likely from a weld process? not One hundred on that. Glad to see you documenting your dream build. I think itll swiftly become know in the car community again!
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