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Re: House Projects

Its a 45k Beacon Morris from Menards. Got it for 350 when it was on sale, and after some rebates I had laying around. Install I paid $1500 which is about half of every other quote I got. That included running a gas line (probably like 70ft), install of the unit itself, and venting. He didn't do any electrical, but that's easy enough. I just ran an extension cord to an outlet for the time being, and a simple $25 two wire thermostat.

Andrew, my garage is about 1200 Sq feet with about 12ft ceilings. It's a new house so everything is extremely well insulated. All the calculators I ran said anywhere from 45k - 75k depending on insulation, and again mine is very well insulated. On some garage forums people with similar setups to mine were saying 45k was perfect and anything larger was overkill. So I went with 45k. Plus I have it in my tucked back area because that's really where I care about heat the most, im not actually worried about heating the entire garage. I don't plan on keeping the garage at 70 all the time. More like keep it around 40 just to take the holy shit freezing edge off. And I can turn it up and have it 60 in there in 10 minutes if I wanted to when working on the car. I also heard complaints fom people with 75k units saying you end up with short blasts of a ton of hot air and they were much happier with the smaller units that put out a little slower more steady heat. I did my homework and chose this for a reason. It's also very quiet. Really happy with my choice thus far.

Momin, no regulator. But I will check out the instructions to see if he was supposed to.
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