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Re: Andre's 2g GSX build

Been awhile since I have updated this. Just swamped with work this fall and not a lot of free time. Picked up a tre stage 4 trans. Took it all apart and thought I would post up a pic of johns detail work and some evo 3 - 4 and double synchros. I was very excited the condition the internals were in considering it is used. 4 spyder diff housing had a broken tooth unfortunetly but am sending it to twicks and a new hosing and he is gonna hook me up along with checking over the intermediate and input gear sets.

Some dss LSD axles and now gonna be hunting down a driveshaft next.

Mainly happy to get some drivetrain mods but budget has
been limited cause I picked up a new toy in the fall and
have been working hard on it. Had a bad paint job that was flaking and 6 layers of paint and primerl later I am just about ready to prime the car. Going to get a feed body kit and just picked up some nice evo-r hid headlights.
Gonna switch colors just not sure what yet for sure.
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