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Re: Meet GheyRay: Lower, Wider, Lighter!

Originally Posted by rose0529 View Post
Looking good, gonna try to swap those blankets on the new pipes?
I figured I'd at least try since it keeps a good amount of heat away from the oil cooler and dry-sump oil lines! The ceramic coating should help quite a bit as well. I thought about having the shop that did the install wrap at least the pre-cat section of pipe, but I really didn't want to risk having a cracked weld down the road sometime. I'll have to be very careful not to scratch up the coating with the blankets' metal standoffs though since I don't want it flaking off. I'll likely give it a try and see if/how they fit while swapping out the shocks. Speaking of, here's my thread on that:
Originally Posted by Murlo26 View Post
I agree with Kracka.

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