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mark4g63t 07-18-2015 10:25 AM

Mark's Talon
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My name is Mark. I've been a member here for 3 years and decided I should start a build thread, So here's what's done to the Talon so far.

6 Bolt Block Bored .020 Over
2g Pistons and 1g Rods
2g Head
2g Exhaust Manifold
Comp 272 Cams
tdo6 20g
MAP o2 Housing Dumped to Atm.
AWD Swapped from a 95 Eclipse GSX
KYB AGX's on No Name Springs
and a few other supporting things.

TkrPerformance 07-18-2015 06:29 PM

Re: Mark's Talon
after years of helping with stuff for the car it has a build post :)

mdost03 07-18-2015 10:41 PM

Re: Mark's Talon
Very nice setup you have there, how do you like the vrsf intercooler?

DSMINMN 07-19-2015 12:31 AM

Re: Mark's Talon
The front end of said red car looks oddly familiar. LOL

mark4g63t 07-19-2015 08:06 AM

Re: Mark's Talon
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Originally Posted by TkrPerformance (Post 457155)
after years of helping with stuff for the car it has a build post :)

Yes I couldn't wait anymore. Your contributions have been very appreciated, Thank you with all your help.

I love my VRSF FMIC, I get tons of compliments of how it looks and I've never had an issue with intake temps or coolant temps since putting it in.

Some more pics

mark4g63t 09-14-2015 03:37 PM

Re: Mark's Talon
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Went up to BIR over the weekend for Proving Grounds and ran in the 1/4 mile. This is the first time i've ever launched this car or been to a track, so I was definitely nervous. Had 2 problems I gotta address before going out again, the first was having an issue going from 1st to 2nd in the upper rpms especially if I tried with NLTS (probably driver error) and second is needing wider, better tires.. spun all 4 near every time running my 215/60r16 kelly explorers. lol.
Ended up running just shy of the 11's and hit a 12.1 and a 12.0 overall it was one of the best experiences ever and i'm hooked.

b00sted_spyder 09-14-2015 04:30 PM

Re: Mark's Talon
So that was you in the talon. I remember you going against an evo.

mark4g63t 09-14-2015 09:29 PM

Re: Mark's Talon
Haha yea raced a red x

mark4g63t 10-04-2015 07:52 PM

Re: Mark's Talon
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Well the tear down has begun. Started with the dash removal. Got every connector on both harnesses labeled and ready to be completely redone/ tucked.. Debating fuse box in glove box or center council. Trans and engine will come out this week. All that's left is to remove the Trans and engine mount. Till then..

TkrPerformance 10-04-2015 08:09 PM

Re: Mark's Talon
Have fun doing it. Hated wiring after I was done doing the Evo then the Spyders engine bay harness.

You still have part of your engine stand over here.

dsmDolney 10-04-2015 09:27 PM

Re: Mark's Talon
Yea wiring not fun. While doing it atleast but when your done with it it makes it totally worth all the hassel.

mark4g63t 10-04-2015 09:40 PM

Re: Mark's Talon
Yea figured I'd give it a shot I have 6 months to come up with something, if I mess up I can find a replacement or get the harness they make..I've always wanted a clean bay and I don't think it's just going to happen.
The plan as of now is to completely redo the "engine" harness and try to keep most of the "Chassis" harness intact with slight modification to make either location work. So here goes nothing I guess haha.

Yes mark, when can I grab it?

mark4g63t 10-10-2015 10:09 AM

Re: Mark's Talon
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Forgot to even mention what I was doing I got so excited with tearing it all down. Anyway I am building a new engine from valve cover to oil pan with the block including Wiseco hd pistons and either Manley or Eagle Rods and suiting it with a bigger turbo. Along with that I will also be doing a full wire tuck and relocating the fuse box as mentioned above to whats now looking more like the center council.

I started to tear it down last week. Removed the Engine/ Trans, Both wiring harnesses, Dash and all interior.
I've been picking away at the engine harness a little bit each day. Heres where I am at now!

mark4g63t 10-11-2015 08:23 PM

Re: Mark's Talon
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Started on the other harness tonight

mark4g63t 10-22-2015 06:32 AM

Re: Mark's Talon
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Decided on the fuse box in the glove box. Got the interior "chassis" harness just about routed, will be finishing that up today and tomorrow. All the wires that are lengthened or shortened are reconnected using weatherproof butt connectors and no solder. This weekend I will put the dash back into the car. Pretty pumped on how it's turning out so far.

Pic is or the fuse box I'm glove box, still need to make a mounting bracket for it.

mark4g63t 11-13-2015 05:39 PM

Re: Mark's Talon
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Well the harness is done until I can get the engine back in, I think it turned out looking awesome, now just hope it all works properly.
Measured the oil clearances and they are very tight, but within spec.
Picked up a new block as well thanks to John (pushit2.0). Smoothed out the oil galleys and de-burred it to all my tools could reach, thanks man!
Going to run ARP on the rods/ mains and head studs as well. Still debating the regular ARP, H11's or L19's. Also thinking of running a Kiggly HLA Pressure Regulator any opinions? (will be running lots of boost)
Will also be grabbing a 2g head from Tyler here soon.

Dark2g 11-13-2015 07:11 PM

Re: Mark's Talon
I have run arp standard bolts to 30lbs and have have my l19's running around 42lbs with no problems. Kiggley is a great choice.

mark4g63t 11-14-2015 06:16 PM

Re: Mark's Talon
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More parts on the way. Along in the mix is the Kiggly HLA pressure regulator.

goodhart 11-16-2015 07:38 AM

Re: Mark's Talon
holy christ.

TkrPerformance 11-16-2015 07:58 AM

Re: Mark's Talon
you do know the 2.4 water pipe is bent out to the radiator and not back like to the fire wall like the turbo water pipes.

top 2.4 bottom 2.0

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